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Log your dives, create a catalog of dive sites and create checklists. Available for iPhone from September 15th in the App Store.

All In One App

Log all your dives

DiveKit lets you log all important information about your dives: location, dive time, average and maximum depth, temperature, team members, equipment and much more. Give your logged dives a rating and tag them for future reference.

Search your logbook

Search your logged dives for specific dive sites, tags, team members or used equipment.

Create a catalog of dive sites

Create dive sites and organize them into categories. Assign a GPS location to a dive site or assign a position manually. Add a description and a depth range and never come unprepared to a dive site.

Create unlimited checklists

DiveKit offers you the possibility to create multiple checklists, each for its own purpose. Create one for your dive gear, emergency equipment or your underwater photography gear. With DiveKit you will never forget a single piece of gear.

Metric and imperial system

Support for both metric and imperial system and automatic conversion from one system to another.

Decompression planner (soon!)

Coming soon! Create decompression profiles for your staged decompression dives (in app purchase).

Upcoming Features

We’re just getting started with DiveKit, and will be bringing you frequent updates with even more features and improvements. Here are some exciting features lined up for future versions.

  • Decompression Planner
  • Dive Planner
  • Social sharing
  • Filter logged dives based on tags, rating, depth, etc.
  • DiveKit for iPad
  • DiveKit for Mac
  • Export dive plan to pdf
  • Statistics about your dives
Upcoming features - Decompression & Dive Planner

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Exactly what I needed. DiveKit is a great app for all my diving needs.
Great job!


I've just used DiveKit for the first time, it is the perfect tool for logging my dives.


I bought this app because of its functionality and its clean interface and until now it has never let me down.
Hands down the best of its kind.


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